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Core Curriculum Solution: Elementary

A research- and standards-based series of curricula for literacy, math, and science; Facilitating development of foundational skills for future learning

Product Features:
  • Aligned with state standards and national standards
  • Customized to teach students with an intellectual disability or autism
  • Blends curricula to integrate technology with print materials 
  • Supports students with attending to lessons with systematic instructional prompting
  • Offers a variety of tools for providing personalized lessons and degrees of support
Product Item No. Price Qty
Core Curriculum Solution: Elementary CSE-30W $3,595.00
  • grade_k-5
  • Differentiated Instruction
    Differentiated Instruction

    This product integrates individualized student objectives to encourage active participation and access to learning.

  • Data Capture
    Data Capture

    This product includes ongoing assessments and progress monitoring tools to capture data and document student achievement.

  • Research Based
    Research Based

    This product uses highly effective instructional strategies supported by research to promote student learning and progress.

  • Standards Alignment
    Standards Alignment

    This product aligns to both state and Common Core standards.



Included Products:

Pathways to Literacy — teaches readiness concepts like cause and effect, concepts of print, and engagement in the reading process. Includes a set of adapted books with corresponding manipulatives. Pathways to Literacy Curriculum is included.

Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB) — incorporates systematic instruction  and ongoing assessments to teach alphabetic fundamentals, phonemic awareness, comprehension and beginning fluency. ELSB includes print, software, and iPad app formats. ELSB Blended Curriculum is included.

Building with Stories — a complementary program to ELSB, adapts award-winning commonly read elementary stories. Includes story books plus corresponding manipulatives for added student engagement. All three ELA curricula were successfully evaluated by Project RAISE, a federally funded grant. 

Access English Language Arts Grades 3-5 — an engaging and language-rich curriculum with four units of study that address two major themes: "Reading is Fun!" and "Be a Friend, Not a Bully!" Students will enjoy popular and age-appropriate, adapted text for fictional novels (Superfudge and How to Eat Fried Worms), nonfiction, informational text, and poems. 

Early Numeracy Curriculum — teaches early math concepts and lays a strong foundation for further math instruction. It incorporates systematic instruction with story-based lessons. Early Numeracy teaches counting, 1:1 correspondence, patterns, adding sets, measurement skills, and more. Includes an extensive set of manipulatives. Early Numeracy was successfully evaluated through Project Mastery, a federally funded grant. Early Numeracy Curriculum Plus is included.

Math Skills Builder — provides an multiyear curriculum for students to learn math problem-solving skills with real-world scenarios.

Early Science Curriculum — uses an inquiry process to teach basic science content. Units include: The Five Senses, Rocks and Geology, Earth and Sky, The Life Cycle. Students engage in stories, hands-on experiments, vocabulary development, games, and more. Includes an extensive set of manipulatives. Early Science Curriculum Plus is included. 


Additional Info

Additional Info

Subject English Language Arts, Literacy, Math, Science
Age Group Elementary
Format Blended

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